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Author Topic: aMule Crash in Mandriva 2007 Free  (Read 1328 times)


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aMule Crash in Mandriva 2007 Free
« on: August 23, 2007, 05:14:57 AM »

Hi Folks,

   Well, my amule starts crash after I select to Update the server list at beggining.

   So I  came to this forum and discover that I need to update wxGet to 2.8. Ok, after done everything goes fine... until now...

     Take a look on the log bellow and let me know how to solve this. Or if the solution is disable the automatic server update at the start, tell me how to change this manually.

----------------------------=| BACKTRACE FOLLOWS: |=----------------------------
Current version is: aMule 2.1.3 using wxGTK2 v2.8.0 (Unicoded)
Running on: Linux 2.6.17-13mdv i686

[2] ?? in amule [0x806bc4b]
[3] wxFatalSignalHandler in /usr/lib/[0xb7a397e3]
[4] ?? in [0xbfffe420]
[5] wxThread::Exit(void*) in /usr/lib/[0xb7a32d57]
[6] wxThreadInternal::PthreadStart(wxThread*) in /usr/lib/[0xb7a33863]
[7] wxPthreadStart in /usr/lib/[0xb7a3389b]
[8] ?? in /lib/i686/ [0xb7ef7192]
[9] clone in /lib/i686/[0xb77c590e]


Paulo Vaz