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Author Topic: WebServer: little problem while compiling latest amule from github for MacOS  (Read 1360 times)


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I had a compile error about wxSocketEvent while building latest amule from github.

To fix it I simply added the statement

Code: [Select]
#include <wx/socket.h>  // needed for wxSocketEvent.h

in src/weberver/src/WebServer.h

Please notice that the problem was related to the lines (in src/weberver/src/WebServer.h)

Code: [Select]
void OnWebSocketServerEvent(wxSocketEvent& event);
void OnWebSocketEvent(wxSocketEvent& event);

so probably an alternative way to fix the problem could be:

1) forward declaration of wxSocketEvent in WebServer.h
Code: [Select]

class wxSocketEvent; // forward declaration

class CWebServerBase : public wxEvtHandler {

2) add the include of <wx/socket.h> in WebServer.cpp

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... and the proper way is to exclude wxSocket-related code from Boost.Asio builds. ;-)

Should be fixed by 4af1ed5.
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