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Author Topic: Amule saturate my ram memory  (Read 1608 times)


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Amule saturate my ram memory
« on: October 13, 2016, 07:35:24 PM »

Hi. This is the problem. After a few minutes amule started, it begins to saturate my memory, getting more of 6GB and blocking all my system, moment on i have to kill it or reboot.
I'm using the 2.3.2 version. My distro is KAOS 20160911 version. Mi kernel version is, and it also occurs with the linux-next version: i think 4.8.1
This is the memory usage details fon my system monitor:

Library Usage

The memory usage of a process is found by adding up the memory usage of each of its libraries, plus the process's own heap, stack and any other mappings, plus the stack of its 2 threads.
4520328 KB   [heap]
5748 KB   /usr/lib/
4500 KB   /usr/bin/amule
2892 KB   /usr/lib/
2372 KB   /usr/lib/
2412 KB   /usr/lib/
1432 KB   /lib/
1244 KB   /usr/lib/
872 KB   /usr/lib/
840 KB   /usr/lib/

Pixmap   2489 KB   (Might be stored in the graphics card's memory)
Private   4540100 KB   (= 17852 KB clean + 4522248 KB dirty)
Shared   17540 KB   (= 16820 KB clean + 720 KB dirty)
Rss   4557640 KB   (= Private + Shared)
Pss   4544192 KB   (= Private + Shared/Number of Processes)
Swap   0 KB

I only have changed the port 4662 but another, the 3001. The rest of the config is by default.

Any ideas about what could be the problem?

i've just tested to pause all downloads (4 downloads, exactly). The problem persisted, growing and growing the amukle memory usage.
Deleting all the downloads yes solved the problem, although obiously this is not a acceptable solution :)
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