xx aMule Update

October 10, 2019, 07:20:11 AM by Em23
Is aMule going to be updated? New os update for Mac now requires a 64-bit program.
Really hope it does as this is my preferred platform
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xx aMule 2.3.2 released

September 16, 2016, 10:40:47 AM by GonoszTopi
Only one season late from the original announcement, aMule 2.3.2 is finally out, featuring lots of bug fixes and a few new features.

You can read the full list of changes or watch the release graph in the wiki.

You can read the release notes, known issues, or download the source code from
We offer no official binaries, (maybe except for Windows and MacOS, that's yet to be decided), so please bug your distro's maintainers to update their packages, or you can browse the list of user-supplied packages.

Have fun, report new bugs, and enjoy life! :)
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xx Preparations for v2.3.2

May 07, 2016, 10:46:18 AM by GonoszTopi
The last aMule release was long-long ago, and there are many bugs fixed since then. Therefore you can take it as the official announcement that aMule-2.3.2 will be released in June, 2016. The exact date is not yet known, but the month is almost certain.

In order to make this release as shiny as the previous ones, we need your help, too. You can help by testing recent tarballs and by contributing translations.
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xx Tarballs once again

February 24, 2016, 05:03:16 PM by GonoszTopi
I have finally found the time to update my scripts and adjust them to the new git repository format. The consequence is that tarballs are available again at http://amule.sourceforge.net/tarballs/ and the repository at repo.or.cz has been updated with the new revisions.

The svn revision number used in the tarballs (since rev. 10875) are made up artificially and have no relation to the svn revision provided by the subversion gate on github.com. (For those interested in technical details, a new revision is added for each commit on the master branch excluding any merged-in branches.) As a user, all you have to know is that they're unique and constantly increasing. Like real svn revision numbers.

For those yet unfamiliar with the above sites, the difference between the repository at github.com and repo.or.cz is that the former will also need autotools to be able to start compiling, whereas the latter already has all generated files. Like tarballs used to have.

If you're a developer, you'd better keep using the github repository. If you're a tester, a packager, or just like to live on the bleeding edge, using the repo.or.cz repository will fit you very well. Or you can use the tarballs page for automated scripts (as some of you have already done, I know).

Anyways, have fun compiling! ;)
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xx Repository moved

September 26, 2015, 01:39:29 PM by GonoszTopi
Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed, Google Code is closing its hosting services. That has made us choose a new hosting service for the repository. GitHub was the choice made, because of various (undisclosed) reasons. This means that from now on the repository can be accessed by both Subversion and git clients.

Let's see the details!

Accessing the repository via git:
Code: [Select]
git clone https://github.com/amule-project/amule.git
Accessing the repository via svn:
Code: [Select]
svn co https://github.com/amule-project/amule/trunk amule
Subversion users should check GitHub's documentation on using Subversion.
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