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We're back! (IN POG FORM)

Author Topic: We're moving  (Read 6047 times)


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We're moving
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:26:23 AM »

Hello again,

as we said earlier, we're changing hosting. During the process you may experience services going down and up again, though we try to do that with minimal impact on you. Still there are some services that need special attention:

E-mail addresses will be (re)created on the new host, but we won't move mailboxes. That means that all your mail you're keeping in your mailbox will be lost. Please download it and keep in a safe place if it's important. Since we also have some dead-looking mailboxes, I request that everyone wanting a e-mail address please send me an e-mail or PM with the following details:
 - desired e-mail address
 - password
 - whether you need a mailbox or just a forward address (to where)
 - forum nick or any other identification that you're somewhat related to the aMule project (we just don't want to give the whole world e-mail addresses, I guess you understand it)

Subversion repository:
Please consider it read-only until further notice.

I'll keep you guys updated.
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