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Title: Screenshots
Post by: wuischke on April 23, 2007, 05:53:31 PM

I'm looking for screenshots of aMule.

aMule is an all-platform ed2k client, please post me some shots of your system.  Ubuntu, Suse, Debian, Fedora,..., Windows, *BSD, Solaris,... - show me what you've got.

Remember not to show illegal file names, but feel free to cast every aspect of aMule.

Please include your operating system's name in the posting.


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Title: Re: Screenshots
Post by: skolnick on April 24, 2007, 05:38:31 AM
Screenshot of aMule CVS running on Solaris 10 x86, using enlightenment. It can be seen in the startup log of aMule (yeah, solaris identifies itself as SunOS...long story :P

Title: Re: Screenshots
Post by: wuischke on May 05, 2007, 07:15:29 PM
Hey guys, are you all too lazy to shot your screen a few times?
Title: Re: Screenshots
Post by: 1Carlos on May 06, 2007, 02:00:06 AM
amule and kad.
Debian (unstable) + Fluxbox
Title: Re: Screenshots
Post by: HyperNode on June 26, 2007, 08:09:45 AM
Well, I have nothing to say all is shown in my SS but if you have any questions let me know. This Sys was build just for sharing while I am recoding my Fserv for iRN on BlackNET. Now I have been sharing very large amount of media with public with 0 download. Now for far as aMule I just started using it as it says on the CVS on frame header. But for this I did write a script that rotates my HDs ands allows fs1 to be unmounted while fs2 is auto mounted and every hour it does the cycle. The HDs are clones and synchronized with each other.

Title: Re: Screenshots
Post by: Mad_7 on November 30, 2008, 12:18:25 AM
aMule latest, at Kubuntu Hardy (KDE 3.5.10).
No skins, no compiz or any type of visual effects. Just an ascetic interface!  ;D