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Title: Bug in bug tracker
Post by: eisa01 on November 17, 2007, 09:12:19 PM
When trying to comment, I got this error:
Database query failed. Error received from database was #1054: Unknown column 'p.field_id' in 'on clause' for the query: SELECT, f.type, f.access_level_r, f.default_value, f.type, s.value
FROM mantis_custom_field_project_table AS p, mantis_custom_field_table AS f
LEFT JOIN mantis_custom_field_string_table AS s
ON p.field_id=s.field_id AND s.bug_id='1201'
WHERE p.project_id = '1' AND p.field_id =
ORDER BY p.sequence ASC, ASC

I tried submitting the comment a few times more, and got the same error. But when I refreshed the bug, I had commented on it three times...