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Title: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Kry on April 01, 2011, 08:54:09 AM
  Hello, and welcome to your regular, daily broadcast of aMule-related news.

  It is about once a year that I look at the calendar and think: Why do I still have last year's calendar hanging on the wall? Then, at some other random points of the year I look at the calendar again and think about what I see. Have I gained and lost the right amount of weight to synchronize with the seasonal weather changes? Have I helped an old lady cross the road at least once this month? Has she survived this time? How much do I have left of my monthly, self-imposed alcohol allowance? Is truth beauty, and if it is, is beauty truth? This and other questions might cross the minds of lesser men that I am, but in my case, thoughts are usually limited to how clever the puns are when it comes to this month's pets' names and famous writers.

  Apparently, we just conquered and obliterated the "Virginia Woof" month, and we're entering the "F. Scott Fetchgerald" month. Highlights from the works of this hairy looking author (at least according to the rather dashing 40s-looking drawing next to the text) include "The Great Catsby" and "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Beagle".

  "People make a living writing things like that!", I will think while staring at the page, and then ask myself where was it that I strayed from the path of becoming the 21st century's famous animal-related pun writer I always wanted to be. Why, I do believe that had I not started dealing with computer programming at a rather early age, I would have worked the dream, walked the walk, became more famous than the person who wrote about good old Fetchgerald. I could have been that man on the street, with my snappy two-piece suit, my informal yet asserting tie, my alluring shoes, my fashionable but untamed hairdo, and my million euros smile. I could have been BIG. I could have called the shots. None of this "Lewis Catrol" nonsense. That's just too easy, man. It's all about "Stephenie Mewyer" and her "Tweetlight" books. Quality punning.

  People on the street, they would think: "This man has it all. He's living the life. Quick, relieve me from this vision of infinite success and uncomfortably sexual temptation, for I am not worthy of this - let his slowly fading afterimage in my retina be his gift to me, for one more second of this sight might blind me forever to any lesser beauty, any smaller success, any less wondrous creature. Let's go, for I fear my life will be empty if I acknowledge him as anything but a fleeting glimpse of the Ideal, the Omega of existence - yet the Alpha of the existent. Lest not walk but call a cab instead, for I now feel drunk and unable to wander this streets as anything but a bumbling idiot, a crawling worm, an insane clown on a quest for an exit to this life's imposed circus."

   Oh, the poetry of the enlightened 21st century citizen's speech. Why, barely more than a decade ago, in the horrid, fetid, damnable dark ages of our existence - the so called "modern times" that the 20th century embraced - those beautiful expressions of awe would be reduced to the silly babbling of your average drunk, your average village idiot, your average 90s know-it-all kid. I, for one, am glad that the new century has brought us nothing but articulate, well-spoken, peace-loving, race-blind, accepting and respectable, perfect-grammar individuals as the bulk of our society - just as our ancestors predicted.

   But I digress.

   My beautiful career was truncated by the world of computer programming, the sole mention of which would make those very same 20th century "humans" (and I use the term loosely as I consider the 21st century citizen as the real starting point for the evolution of the human race, with any former specimens being barely more than the equivalent of the burnt cheese that has spilled out of the beautiful quesadilla of our genetic makeup) derisively sneer at you for being a "geek". It was the unforgiving discrimination of the geek from the unenlightened that reinforced my career, denying this world the invention of pearls of beauty like "J. K. Rawrling" and her selected works "Hairy Peter and the Half-Baked Prawnz" and "Hairy Peter and the Deathly Howlows". Some may say this is a good thing - and all I have to say to them is that they are the embodiment of the fact that the 20th century still lurks amongst the shadows of this century's light.

   But I digress.

   After whatever amount of time has passed since September 2009, and not in a small part influenced by my shattered dreams and the fact everyone says that I am too much talk and too little action, I find myself looking at today's date ('_Day) and realizing that we're long overdue for a release candidate that we can polish with your feedback in order to create a new final release like it has never been seen since, well, September 2009.

   Introductions being out of the way, I present to you: aMule 2.3.1 RC1
   Now with more rabbits. ( * )

aMule 2.3.1 RC1

   Download link for sources: (Sourceforge, BZ2 format)
   Current translation status: Here (  (Updated... occasionally)    

   Please make sure any feedback about this release candidate goes to the RC board: FOLLOW THIS LINK (

   Please, download this RC and help by compiling, testing, or helping with the translations so we can make this our best release yet.
   Or are you a 20th century man?

   * The number of rabbits has not been necessarily increased. Any perception of rabbits that differs from your expectations may be a product of your own delusions. Seek professional help before all you do is think about rabbits.
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: btkaos on April 01, 2011, 10:59:44 AM
Hey! Congratulations!

Just a note, I guess wxWidgets 2.8.12 is the recommended wx release. If you have a crash, try updating wx to that version first.
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Kry on April 01, 2011, 11:00:32 AM
wxWidgets 2.8.12 will be the MINIMUM REQUIRED version for aMule 2.3.1.  Just a warning to everyone.
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Kry on April 01, 2011, 12:46:12 PM
That's the plan.
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: elcamilo on April 01, 2011, 02:03:46 PM
so I sould not compile this amule rc with wxWidgets 2.8.11, right?

(Ubuntu here: also natty beta at now still brings 2.8.11 version)
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: btkaos on April 01, 2011, 03:50:46 PM
so I sould not compile this amule rc with wxWidgets 2.8.11, right?
No problem doing so, but aMule will surely crash if you have high download speed. 2.8.12 will be required because otherwise the forum will receive lots of crash reports with a solved bug.
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Arichy on April 02, 2011, 03:16:52 PM
Congratulations! And no, it is not an aprils 1. joke, the rc1 _is_ compilable with wx_gtk 2.8.12 ;)
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: alienzed on April 21, 2011, 07:07:27 PM
nice post :P
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: macomar on May 04, 2011, 02:09:24 PM
Hi Forum,

does someone have a compiled version for mac os snow leopard to download ?

Thanks & Greets
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: superanima on May 08, 2011, 06:18:11 PM
suggiostion for an osx system?

I'm getting this thing:
configure: WARNING:
        UPnP code has been disabled because libupnp >= 1.6.6 not found (pkg-config not found).
checking for crypto++ version >= 5.1... no
configure: error:
   Could not find crypto++ header file "cryptlib.h".
   Please try again with --with-crypto-prefix=/my_crypto_prefix
   (replace /my_crypto_prefix with a valid path to your crypto++
   installation directory).
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: wuischke on May 08, 2011, 09:23:31 PM

superanima: If you want to compile, the guide in the wiki ( might help you to set up the environment.
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Stu Redman on May 08, 2011, 10:28:21 PM
Wuischke! Long time no see! Welcome back!  :-*
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Mte90 on May 17, 2011, 04:17:56 PM
but a changelog of this release?
Title: Re: aMule 2.3.1 RC1 available
Post by: Kry on May 17, 2011, 05:42:40 PM
Well, something like what's listed for 2.3.0 here (, except there's not going to be any 2.3.0 (we're doing 2.3.1 instead) and there's more stuff to be added to it.