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Title: This is a features test ...
Post by: BigBob on January 10, 2004, 01:17:13 PM

It is  just a test of the new Forum to check some Features ...

Trying a quote insert :

Only GTK1 is supported. Don't try GTK2 anymore. wxWindows isn't ready for it.

For GTK1:
./configure  --prefix=/usr --disable-gtk2 --enable-timedate --enable-gui
--enable-protocol --enable-http --enable-ftp --enable-resources
--enable-prologio --disable-debug --enable-final --enable-timer --with-gtk

Now Trying a code insert :

Code: [Select]
        printf("Shutting down aMule...\n");
        /* Razor 1a - Modif by MikaelB
           Save client size and position */

        // Create a config base for saving razor preferences
        wxConfigBase *config = wxConfigBase::Get();
        // If config haven't been created exit without saving
        if (config == NULL) {
        // The section where to save in in file
        wxString section = "/Razor_Preferences/";

        // Main window location and size
        int x1,y1,x2,y2;
        GetPosition(&x1, &y1);

        // Saving window size and position
        config->Write(_T(section+"MAIN_X_POS"), (long) x1);
        config->Write(_T(section+"MAIN_Y_POS"), (long) y1);
        config->Write(_T(section+"MAIN_X_SIZE"), (long) x2);
        config->Write(_T(section+"MAIN_Y_SIZE"), (long) y2);
        // Saving sash position of splitter in transfer window
        config->Write(_T(section+"SPLITTER_POS"), (long) split_pos);
        printf("split saved to : %u\n", split_pos);
        // Saving sash position of splitter in server window
        config->Write(_T(section+"SRV_SPLITTER_POS"), (long) srv_split_pos);
        printf("srv_split saved to : %u\n", srv_split_pos);


        /* End modif */


        // TODO: We want to free the memory used by the webserver
        //       but currently it does wait in accept().
        // delete theApp.webserver;
        delete theApp.serverlist; theApp.serverlist = NULL;
        delete theApp.searchlist; theApp.searchlist = NULL;
        delete theApp.clientcredits; theApp.clientcredits = NULL;
        // Destroying CDownloadQueue calls destructor for CPartFile
        // calling CSharedFileList::SafeAddKFile occasally.
        delete theApp.downloadqueue; theApp.downloadqueue = NULL;
        delete theApp.sharedfiles; theApp.sharedfiles = NULL;
        delete theApp.knownfiles; theApp.knownfiles = NULL;
        delete theApp.uploadqueue; theApp.uploadqueue = NULL;
        delete theApp.clientlist; theApp.clientlist = NULL;
        delete theApp.friendlist; theApp.friendlist = NULL;
        delete theApp.glob_prefs; theApp.glob_prefs = NULL;
        delete theApp.serverconnect; theApp.serverconnect = NULL;

Look good :-)

Title: Re: This is a features test ...
Post by: superstoned on January 10, 2004, 08:48:33 PM
looks good indeed ;-)

pitty winXP makes the webpage so much uglier (compared to KDE/Konqueror with Plastik skin)...