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We're back! (IN POG FORM)

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 on: December 20, 2017, 08:27:05 PM 
Started by duns - Last post by duns
I'd like this feature: the ability to pause (as quickly as possible) all downloads and uploads (better if clicking on the tray icon with the right mouse button), as is possible with qbittorrent.
Thank you

 on: December 10, 2017, 11:06:38 PM 
Started by linuxfan - Last post by linuxfan
Amule crashes with the following terminal output:

A fatal error has occurred and aMule has crashed.
Please assist us in fixing this problem by posting the backtrace below in our
'aMule Crashes' forum and include as much information as possible regarding the
circumstances of this crash. The forum is located here:
If possible, please try to generate a real backtrace of this crash:

----------------------------=| BACKTRACE FOLLOWS: |=----------------------------
Current version is: aMule 2.3.2 compiled with wxGTK2 v3.0.2 and Boost 1.62
Running on: Linux 4.9.0-4-amd64 x86_64

[2] ?? in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f3af0d2232c]
[3] ?? in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f3af2ec70c0]
[4] ?? in [0x7f3ab0000678]


 on: November 30, 2017, 08:54:16 AM 
Started by ufaforwork2 - Last post by GonoszTopi
Why are you using such an old version? We are already at r10990, and those ~400 commits most likely fix your problems, too.

 on: November 29, 2017, 07:37:21 PM 
Started by LAZA - Last post by Piraya
OK, going to revive this a bit.
After an Ubuntu update, I could not get amule to start.
I did some research and opened amule in the terminal.
It showed a file in amule called "muleLock."
I deleted that "muleLock" file and it opened fine.
I am posting this because I am sure this will occur again and I won't remember the solution.
This is the first place I check.

 on: November 24, 2017, 07:50:52 AM 
Started by duns - Last post by duns
----------------------------=| BACKTRACE FOLLOWS: |=----------------------------
Current version is: aMule 2.3.2 compiled with wxGTK2 v3.0.2 and Boost 1.62
Running on: Linux 4.10.0-37-generic x86_64

[2] ?? in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f824d18c27c]
[3] ?? in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f824c29f150]
[4] ?? in amule[0x55c25515d33e]
[5] ?? in amule[0x55c2551619a6]
[6] ?? in amule[0x55c255153ec5]
[7] ?? in amule[0x55c2550fb481]
[8] ?? in amule[0x55c254fb3319]
[9] ?? in amule[0x55c254f8e696]
[10] ?? in amule[0x55c2550078fb]
[11] wxThread::CallEntry() in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f824d186a12]
[12] ?? in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f824d18880c]
[13] ?? in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f824c2937fc]
[14] clone in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f824bfc0b0f]

 on: November 18, 2017, 12:15:13 PM 
Started by alvarorincon2005 - Last post by NovHak
Hi Sansvingt,

The problem is likely the same as on Windows : aMule doesn't include UPnP support. You can either forward ports manually, which usually requires administrative access to your router, or use a standalone UPnP client. Maybe your OS has a builtin UPnP client interface (Windows has one)...

 on: November 18, 2017, 11:06:10 AM 
Started by alvarorincon2005 - Last post by Sansvingt
Good morning,
I just Buy a new IMAC with merci (Sierra 10.12.6) and get a low ID (it was ok on windows - Numericable, forward ports etc ...).  I cannot activate the button "activate UPnP". Do you know this problem


 on: November 17, 2017, 06:00:16 PM 
Started by syd75 - Last post by Sansvingt
merci pour votre support. Je viens d'acheter un nouvel IMAC (Sierra 10.12.6) et suis en low ID. C'était ok sous windows. J'ai lu votre procédure mais je ne peux pas activer le bouton "activer UPnP pour la redirection de port du routeur". Connaissez vous ce problème ?

 on: November 10, 2017, 03:00:48 PM 
Started by aMuleWD - Last post by aMuleWD
I have amule.conf with this values. I don't know if it's correct...


I get this message;

connected with high ID to eDonkey Server No3

There is any other place to put nodes.dat?

 on: November 09, 2017, 12:53:13 PM 
Started by aMuleWD - Last post by aMuleWD
Please can someone explain a guide step by step on how to configure aMule for WD My Cloud NAS.

I have searched a lot but I can not find it.

Much thanks!

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