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Author Topic: Note to all translators: Plural forms  (Read 7678 times)


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Note to all translators: Plural forms
« on: February 26, 2008, 11:27:22 AM »

Some time ago, aMule has been given the capability to support plural forms. But that requires from translators that you mark your translations with the appropriate Plural-Forms: header entry. For more information see the GNU gettext manual.

Below is a list of all translations aMule has. If your language has a missing or a differ status, please check and update the header.
  • ar: missing
  • bg: missing
  • ca: exists
  • cs: missing
  • da: missing
  • de: checked
  • el: checked
  • es: checked
  • et_EE: checked
  • eu: checked
  • fi: checked
  • fr: checked
  • gl: checked
  • hr: missing
  • hu: checked
  • it: checked
  • it_CH: checked
  • ja: checked
  • ko_KR: differ
  • lt: checked
  • nl: checked
  • nn: checked
  • pl: checked
  • pt_BR: checked
  • pt_PT: missing
  • ru: checked
  • sl: missing
  • sq: checked
  • sv: missing
  • tr: checked
  • zh_CN: exists
  • zh_TW: exists

Please note that I didn't change any .po files, didn't put in or correct any headers. You are the native speakers of your languages, you're the ones to decide who's right (especially in cases where your header differs from what the gettext manual suggests).
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