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Author Topic: Installation of aMule-2.3.1 on Calulate Linux 17.6  (Read 593 times)


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Installation of aMule-2.3.1 on Calulate Linux 17.6
« on: July 26, 2017, 02:08:21 AM »

Hi All,

I was previously using 2.3.1 on Calculate Linux 15.7 x64 without any problems.

I have just installed Calulate Linux 17.6 x64 on another partition and I installed 2.3.2 but there seems to be a problem with Hashing of the files in the Temp  folder.

I have 8Gb of RAM and I increased the Swap partition from 10Gb to 20Gb but still aMule is using all the RAM and the Swap partition even when there is only 1 file to Hash which for example is over 2Gb in size.

I am waiting to see if the 2.3.1 version is still available via the Calculate repositories but if it is not, then, which of the following files should I download and how do I install aMule from these?


Based on what I can see in the current repositories, I think I was using 2.3.2 on a previous Manjaro installation and I wasn't having these Hashing problems with aMule in that OS environment.

Thanks, MTB.