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Author Topic: Problem about command "results" and too many results listed in amulecmd  (Read 1492 times)


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Maybe this is a veeery simple problem. But I have not found any solution to it on the internet, so I have to ask about it here...

As I run amule on a remote server over ssh, amulecmd is my first (maybe the only) choice, and I really enjoy using it.

But a problem bothers me a lot recently. In order to download something via amulecmd, I have to firstly use the command "search global xxx", then ask amulecmd to return all the results from search by typing "results", and finally type "download <number>" to download the nth file, the number of which is shown in the output of the previous "results" command.

However, sometimes there will be too many results, and it will cost amulecmd a long time to list all of them. I have tried to stop listing by ctrl+c, then restart amulecmd, and type "download <number>" to download the nth file, but this method does not work. There shows an error message "Invalid argument", and I could do nothing more about it, except search again. I think this is because amulecmd does not remember things in different sessions - I search in the last session, while download in the present session, and amulecmd does not record the output of results in the last session, so it gives an error message. (A similar problem is described in

It seems the "download" command is valid only after the "results" command finishes listing all the results. So my question is: (1) Is there any way to "jump out of" listing without exiting amulecmd or without ending the session? (2) Is there any way to ask the "results" command to list only the top 50 results rather than all of them? Or is there any command to filter the output of the "results" command while listing the results? (It seems that the "results" command accepts no argument, and I have no idea about how to work around...)

Thank you so much!
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At the moment there is no way to achieve this. I'll try to keep it in mind for future amulecmd upgrades.
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