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Author Topic: amuleweb: "could not create socket"?  (Read 2345 times)


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amuleweb: "could not create socket"?
« on: June 05, 2004, 04:19:37 AM »

I installed amule from source (2.0.0rc3) , configured everything for the webserver (following the wiki), but now when I start amuleweb, it tells me that:
WSThread: Thread started
WSThread: created service
WSThread: could not create socket on localhost:4711

I already got this running on another machine and I think I took care of all gotchas this time. amulecmd is working, too.

I compiled with this configuration:

./configure  --enable-amulecmd  --enable-amulecmdgui  --enable-webserver  --enable-webservergui --enable-ccache  --with-ccache-prefix=/usr/local/bin

I'm on gentoo and there is no wxbase in gentoo's package tree. wxGTK was installed, though.
I now installed wxbase by hand, then recompiled amule. the problem remains, unfortunately (I can't connect to the webserver). but I do get a strange message at the end of ./configure:
Code: [Select]
  Should C aMule Statistics (CAS) be build?                yes
  Should aMule GUI Statistics (wxCas) be build?            yes
  Crypto++ library/headers style?                          gentoo_debian

  Which libraries should aMule use?
                                       wxWidgets          2.4.2
                                       GTK                1.2.10
I looked at ./configure --help and also the script itself but couldn't find an option to change the libraries. could that be a problem? I guess wxbase *is* used for network code?