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Author Topic: Gentoo Linux As Router Lowid Prb  (Read 1859 times)


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Gentoo Linux As Router Lowid Prb
« on: January 22, 2005, 11:02:40 AM »

Hi there i know this is a frequently asqued question but I have a problem a recently put to work my Gentoo linux box as a router because my old router hadn't enough power (processing or memory) for p2p.

I am now running emule ion my win box and i'm considering switching to amule because of the nice traffic shapers available to linux still i have to find a way to put emule and other p2p appz to work on my network or my roomates are gonna be really pissed.

I tryed most os the scripts found in this forum and others and still emule won't give me a HighID.

The configuration of my LAN is as follows:

My Gentoo linux box has 2 ethernet NIC's:

eth1: linked to the cable modem (dynamic ip)
eth0: linked to a longshine 16 port switch (

all the other boxes are linked to the switch including a win 2003 server box that also has the emule client running the network is

My linux box has a dhcp server running that attributes a static dhcp ip to my windows box ( and others aswell.

I tryed everithing including a nice script included in a topic in this forum.

I don't ask much of my network config, no multiple emule clients just plain simple NAT e som port forwarding mostly for emule and other p2p applications always on the same box.

One other thing if I ran amule on linux would I be able to use my current file locations in my windows box (both the temp dir and the complete one) ???

If your reading this pleeeease help. It would be much appreciated.
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