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Author Topic: CVS packages for Mandriva 2006 and upper  (Read 6912 times)


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CVS packages for Mandriva 2006 and upper
« on: January 06, 2006, 08:34:00 AM »

RPMs for aMule are available here

These aMule RPMs are dedicated to Mandriva, the menu entries for aMule, amule-gui and wxcas will be in "Internet / File Transfer".
These are based on daily snapshots of aMule and are themselves built on periodically built snapshots of wxWidgets. This mainly for two reasons:
   * Until version 2.6.1, wxWidgets has some nasty memory bugs.
   * Version 2.6.2 has a big bug on locales avoiding any use of it but with english language only.
Please download wxWidgets and aMule rpms from the same directory.
The current CVS for wxWidgets prepares version 2.7, is labelled as 2.7 in libs, so you may have apps running standard 2.6 (as vlc) and aMule running 2.7 as well.
Note the GL library has not been included as it gave a dependency on my own Nvidia libraries. Anyway, it's not used by aMule.
Enjoy !
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