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Author Topic: aMule 2.1.0 almost froze my box  (Read 2425 times)


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aMule 2.1.0 almost froze my box
« on: February 03, 2006, 03:44:45 AM »

hi, there
i'm using aMule 2.1.0 on FC4,
when i started cedega this moring, i found my box growing slow.
i stopped cedega, run top, find aMule was eating resources,
virt from 400+ m to 500+ to 600 + ... with cpu usage nearly always 100%,
i stopped some other programs, but no use, aMule simply needed more,
until my box almost froze my box,
with only 5048k phy mem free, ;( :(
i had to kill amule finaly, then everything became normal.
why  ?( ?(