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We're back! (IN POG FORM)

Author Topic: aMule 1.2.5 is out !!!  (Read 40357 times)


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aMule 1.2.5 is out !!!
« on: February 10, 2004, 01:16:07 AM »

Hi all,

The new version 1.2.5 of aMule is out!

We haven't released till now cos we wanted a memleak-free, less cpu, and near 100% debugged version. We hope this is the best aMule you ever tested... till the next version ;)

We also work close with eMule devs too - what makes protocol and network solid and stable, and full sync with lastest eMule fixes.

i18n is functional now, right now some languages are just partially translated, hope translators will show up and 1.2.6 is fully localised.

Feel free to play with it, seek the forums for support and report every single bug you can find so we can keep aMule as the best ed2k client for linux!!


  • hellimod:
    BSD and Mac support. We're very near to the Mac aMule.

  • Hetfield:
    Fixed a memory leak in SysTray. (SysTray.cpp)
    Fixed a DL/UL ratio problem. (amule.cpp)

  • Kry:
    Added some sanity checks to avoid losing *.part.met files on power failure. 0-Size files are never written.
    Fixed the 'all time transfered' on Shared Files window. This one fixed some eMule/aMule incompatibility on part.met files.
    Some aditional functions on CFile for windoze compatibility.
    MFC compatibility enhanced.
    Added SetFilePath to CKnownFile
    Changed most 'assert' to wxASSERT
    Fixed some NULL clientname causing crash on ListenSocket.cpp
    Fixed the tagcount on .part.met files (KnownFile.cpp)
    Added missing OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID on ListenSocket
    Updated HomePage to on messages
    Fixed the server windows splitter. Or sash. Whatever.
    Imported all the other ListenSocket.cpp code from 0.30e
    Fixed 'View Shared Files'. No multiple tabs, also.
    Added theApp.listensocket->StartListening() on startup. Really. Don't ask me why it worked before.
    Fixed the systray bug where speed bar was always 10 times smaller.
    Added lots of vars initilization that fixed some crashes.
    Fixed a crash on ClientList.cpp caused by a void node on list.
    Fixed 9 memleaks, some of them big ones.
    Fixed 6 wrong delete -> delete[]
    Fixed wrong hashsetneeded causing random crash
    Added GetED2KPartHashCount() & GetED2KPartCount()
    Fixed a bug on app init, related to Toolbar.
    Fixed a severe crash & memory corruption on UploadClient.cpp
    Fixed download rate overhead calculation
    New HeapSort() and NewSrcPartsInfo() ported from eMule 0.30e
    wxGTK 2.5 compilation fixes
    Fixed the 'rehashing of files on restart' problem.
    Fixed a missing "Error" message on console when partfile loading failed.
    i18n activated, GNU xgettext compatible.
    Fixed bug on OP_FILEREQUEST packet that made eMule clients to disconnect from us. eMule clients got our version of client and expected to get the new OP_FILEREQUEST from eMule 0.30. Thanks to John & BlubbX from eMule team for the report and help tracking down it.
    Fixed several i18n bugs from xMule times.
    Fixed the lseek error on console and window popup when canceling a file that is transfering.
    First implementation of selectable refresh. The refresh is bugged - it deletes the info on screen, except for about 1 sec, every time seconds_defined_on_preferences is reached.
    Used selectable refresh code for SysTray-hiden cpu lower.
    New option on right-click on downloadlist: Hide/Show lists.
    Minimize on startup works now.
    Minimize to tray works now.
    Lots of BSD compilation fixed (aMule compiles under BSD again)
    Fixed the upload disconecting clients at high upload speed
    Changed another wxList to CList (FriendList)
    FriendSlot should have no effect on LowId user.
    Fixed FriendSlot not being persistent and kicking friend after 1 chunk.
    Fixed lowid users on upload queue by importing VQB's lowid alternate
    Added language selection support on preferences
    Fixed the bug that caused never to tell user 'server full'
    Fixed several server connection issues not detected before.
    Added a popup on language change warning for restart.
    Added another popup, this time to point the user on the right direction if the locale for that language cannot be set.
    Stop publishing on ED2K network shared files we don't have anymore
    Removed the annoying messages of dropping sources (too much CPU)
    Sanity check to avoid used pushing buttons before aMule is ready for it.
    Fixed gcc 2.95 compilation  

  • Creteil:
    Change order in the notebook for logs in Servers Window
    Updated the logo for webserver from eMule logo to aMule one
    Fixed Switching to Searches Window Bug when removing all servers in Servers Window
    Changed default server list from 'best' to 'max', then 'max' to 'best' again
    Fixed the default systray value on preferences.
    Added debug values on UploadQueue.
    Changed max Slot Allocation to 30Kb/s
    Fixed typo in Preferences
    Implemented notebook in Server Window (merged 'Server Info' & 'aMule Log' windows in a notebook)
    Fixed bug crashing aMule on Server Window Notebook implementation.
    Now, if no --geometry width & size used, aMule starts with 800x600 as default
    Fixed size restoring from .eMule saved size
    Option 'Search global' in Search Window in the default now.
    GUI code for new slider in Preferences->Tweaks tab handling the lists refresh
    Some cosmetic fixes on Preferences and GUI by Madcat's request.
    Made GUI i18n compliant.
    Slot alloc calculation is properly rounded now.
    Added the Language listbox on preferences.  

  • Shakraw:
    Added missing string in GetDownloadFileInfo() causing IGSEGV when called.
    Fixed the amuleweb login problem.
    Added GetWebList() support.
    amuleweb's search feature complete. Now it is possible to search, download and web-search on filedonkey
    Fixed a write error in SETMAXGRAPHUPLOADRATE
    Added support for statistic text infos for web interface (statistics link)
    Fixed two bugged index causing crashes on Webserver.cpp
    Little improvement for server list request (now responses are much faster)
    Generally improved External Connections.
    Fixed search type feature for web interface
    Fixed amule crashes when quitting from amuleweb during requests  

  • Emilio Sandoz:
    Statistics graphs:
       Param changes reversible;
       Color change now works;
       Active connections rescaling now works;
       Graphs and tree suspended when not visible.
    Set correct initial radio button in Systray integration dialog
    Simplified statistics graph averaging
    Corrected UL loop for timer errors
    Simplified UL rate averaging
    Preliminary cleanup of graphing engine; ghosting eliminated
    Client DL rate computation without CList Fixed 32bit rollover error for rates over 84kB/s Reduced initial spiking Generally improved speed and CPU/RAM usage.
    Search window column widths remembered between searches & saved in preferences
    Statistics preferences dialog: changes are now applied on-the-fly (with proper Cancel semantics)
    Eliminated possibility of root directory being invisibly shared  

  • umale:
    Fixed debugloglines on ListenSocket.cpp ServerSocket.cpp having too much arguments.
    SysTray code will not be compiled if disabled
    Fixed 5 wrong delete -> delete[]
    Converted po-files  

  • Aleric:
    Fixed all compiler warnings.
    Rewrote all header #include's to only include what is necessary.
    Removed or renamed all functions that clashed with one of the same name from libwx_gtk. With as result:
    Fixed --enable-static possibility (needs a lot of static libraries to be installed; and latest XFree86 CVS version of libX11 (I had to fix a bug in XFree86 too for this)).
    Fixed check-boxes in Preferences -> Directories + a little code speed up there.
    Fixed a duplicated server_list delete
    Server IP# filter.  

  • seneca:
    Near finished all i18n stuff. We expect aMule 1.2.5 is fully i18n-compatible
    Added wxT() Macro for Unicode Support (not functional yet)  

  • Citroklar:
    Testing, lots of testing. Bug-tracker.
    Found the versions that introduced the upload bug and made a nice diff. We could look at code for years, without seeing it. Nice guy.
    Fixed README, amulesig.txt.  

  • gjn:
    Fixed bug in creditsystem.  

  • jmccorm:
    Fixed "Close This Searchresult" -> "Close This Search Result"
    Fixed some typos.  

  • lemonfan:
    Fixed stopped files being counted on CheckDiskSpace()
    Progressbar fixes on webserver implementation.
    Several crashes fixed by adding sanity checks to reqfile  

  • deltastar (on irc channel):
    Fixes the > 2Gb files problem caused by a bug on CFile wrapper.  

  • deltaHF:
    i18n stuff  

  • pure_ascii:
    Fixed recreation of filename list in file details
    Scrolling and selecting filenames works now  

  • niet: Donated!  

  • special thx to:

    Our translators:
    German: emperor, hariolf, crazeee, neolino (M$ user), deltaHF
    Italian: ilbuio, AnonimoVeneziano
    Spanish: mad_soft, aquatroll, Kry
    Russian: Vl@dCoR
    Bulgarian: tindor
    Dutch: Supersnail
    Polish: Ogon
    Lithuanian: Fatalissimo
    French: SlayeruleZ, thepolish
    Catalan: pukyxd
    Portuguese: willy, coolzero
    Basque: piarres
    Galego: thorero

    the people at #wxwindows, for being so helpful: Specially BrianHV, raboof and ajjl.

    All eMule devs for being so nice and work close with aMule team now.

    Madcat, from Sharedaemon team ( for his support and friendship.

    All aMule users!!!

  • We expect aMule is fully i18n-compatible into 1.2.6 .. or better: fully TRANSLATED!! :-)

Hope you like!  :D

Creator of aMule & aStats projects


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Re: aMule 1.2.5 is out !!!
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2004, 01:51:54 AM »


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Re: aMule 1.2.5 is out !!!
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2004, 06:20:50 PM »

added MDK rpm and FreeBSD port today  :)

thx to muckmuck & GanaĆ«l Laplanche  :baby: