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Author Topic: "ServerSocket.ccp(415): Warning: You have received LowID" and "KAD: Firewalled"- aMule 2.3.1 Tiger and Snow Leopard  (Read 3507 times)


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I've downloaded and installed aMule 2.3.1 on:

1) an older machine running OS X 10.4.11 (8S165) PPC (Tiger)

2) a newer machine running OS X 10.6.8 (10K549) Intel (Snow Leopard)

My DSL modem is a 2Wire 27000HG-D purchased from "Quest  - CenturyLink"
DSL Speed Test:
Download Speed: 1254 Kb/s
Upload Speed:504 Kb/s
Latenency: 118ms
User's DNS:


Under OS X 10.4.11 (8S165) PPC (Tiger), users can create and set specific port rules within the OS X 10.4.xx built-in Firewall, in (aka System Preferences), under (Internet and Network) Sharing > Firewall, using the "New"  button. In the Port Name popup, I've set the following:


Specify a port on which you would like to receive networking traffic.
Other ports can be specified by selecting "Other" in the Port Name
popup. The enter the port name and a number (or a range or series
of port numbers) along with a description.

Port Name: Other
TCP Port Numbers: 4661, 4662, 4665, 4672, 25600
UDP Port Numbers: 4661, 4662, 4665, 4672, 25600
Description: aMule


In the online DSL settings page, I created rules:

Quest  Modem Configuration 2Wire 27000HG-D


Some Internet applications require certain ports to be forwarded.

Choose LAN Device
(I entered the ID)

2. Select a category on the left, then the application you would like to forward to the selected device.

Category                 Available Rules
User-defined         (I created the rule)

These are the rules I created and added:

Rule Name    Protocol    Port Start    Port End    Port Map
aMule TCP      TCP           4662               4672            4662

Rule Name    Protocol    Port Start    Port End    Port Map
aMule UDP     UDP          4662               4672           4662


In (version 2.3.1)
Preferences > General
I added my Nick

Preferences > Connection

I've got:

Bandwidth limits

Download                                                                                                                        256 kB/s
Upload                                                                                                                                11 kB/s
Slot Allocation                                                                                                                   2 kB/s


(checkbox checked) Standard TCP  Port                                                                           4662
UDP port for server requests (TCP+3):                                                                             4665
(checkbox checked but grayed out)Extended UDP port (Kad / global search)         4672
(checkbox unchecked and grayed out) Enable UPnP for router port forwarding   
UPnP TCP  Port (Optional):                                                                                                  50000 (numbers there, but grayed out)
Bind local address to IP (Empty for any)
Max sources per downloaded file:                                                                                        300
Max simultaneous connections:                                                                                           500

                                                                                         (checkbox checked) Auto connect on startup
                                                                                         (checkbox checked)  Reconnect on loss

(checkbox checked) Kademilia 
(checkbox checked) ED2K 


Under Networks

I've got:

Servers (8)
Nodes (697)


However, I'm getting:

"ServerSocket.ccp(415): Warning: You have received LowID" and "KAD: Firewalled"

and a really slow connection.


Under OS X 10.6.8 (10K549) Intel (Snow Leopard),  in (aka System Preferences), under  Sharing , there is no Firewall Port configuration Port Name popup (Part of Apple corporate's idea of "Let's simplfy things even more?"); There is, in, under Security > Firewall, a button called "Advanced", that I selected "" in and then selected "Allow incoming connections".

I've set up aMule under OS X 10.6.8 pretty much the same as under OS X 10.4.11 (although, maybe I should use a different Nick?). has had zero success in making connections under OS X 10.6.8


It would appear that the way to go, might be to see if I can resolve the "ServerSocket.ccp(415): Warning: You have received LowID" and "KAD: Firewalled" issues on the PPC machine with OS X 10.4.11?

Or maybe the issues are with the 2Wire 27000HG-D (although I didn't see any specific issues listed for 2Wire 27000HG-D and aMule) or how things are routed with DSL via "Quest  - CenturyLink" and Eskimo North (although bit torrent and other programs don't seem to have a problem)?

- Jazz2Blues



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