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Author Topic: Bugs in aMule SVN for MS Windows  (Read 7379 times)


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Bugs in aMule SVN for MS Windows
« on: August 29, 2005, 09:38:35 AM »

Here follow the bugs I've seen on aMule for Windows after 4 days of quite intensive use (aMule CVS, btw). Starting from the most outstanding and going down:

1) aMule crashes on every start because of failure on amuleDlg's SetSize()

In amule.conf, [Razor_Preferences]/MAIN_X_SIZE= can only be set to 0 or left blank. Any other value will make aMule crash at startup.

Since aMule sets this item to a non-0 value every time it is closed, it is only runnable the first time it is executed (because there is no amule.conf yet :))

The problem is SetSize(), it crash. The reason why it won't crash when using 0 or left blank (which defaults to 0) is that the code does something like:

if (x > 0 && y > 0) SetSize(x,y);

So, when it's 0, it doesn't use SetSize().

The code is at src/amuleDlg.cpp

I've been testing and the only values that seem not to crash it are (800,600) (my desktop resolution is 1024x768, but as far as I can tell, this doesn't matter)

2) Cannot end thread when closing

When closing, it always reports that "Can not wait for thread termination (error 6: invalid controller) Couldn't terminate thread"

2.0.3 didn't have this bug

3) The systray has no speed bar

The systray has no speed bar. Maybe it's just that the icon is too big?

4) Bugged systray window resotre

If minimized to tray, when clicking the systray icon to unminimize (restore the window), the app appears back in the taskbar, but still minimized.

Doing right-click -> "Show aMule" has the same effect.

5) Blinking systray background

The systray's background around the aMule icon should be transparent, but it suddendly gets black for some time pseudo-randomly.

Since something is bugged with the speedbar, I suspect it gets black when the speedbar should be increased ( )

6) server.met download fails

Downloading server.met files fails:

If it is a gzipped server.met.gz file, it just crashes.
If it is a non gzipped server.met file, depending on the file, i've seen two different error messages:

IO error while reading 'server.met': CSafeIOException: Attempt to read past end of file.
Error: the file server.met is corrupted: CInvalidPacket: Unknown tag type encounted, cannot proceed

2.0.3 didn't crash with server.met.gz files though it wasn't able to use them either

7) SharedFiles and Transfers lists are initially wierd

This bug is only viewable when the number of files in the list doesn't fill the window.

Shared files and transfers lists are initially displayed in a weird way. When a file is added or any sort column is clicked, the display is correct again.

I guess some sort order should be chosen by default.

8) Configuration files' path should be moved.

Configuration files' path is non compliant with Windows' nameing rules, since no file or directory can begin with a dot.

Additionally, birk said at forums ( ): "[...] why are many of the important files (even temp and incoming files) stored at in a folder under documents & settings instead of a folder under the aMule install folder? [...] eMule is known for being a program you can move around and splitting files up in different folders is a bad idea I think."

I don't agree with birk, but I guess that's something that should be discussed.
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Re: Bugs in aMule CVS for MS Windows
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2005, 12:31:01 PM »

Das Schlimme auf dieser Welt ist
daß die Dummen so selbstsicher sind
und die Gescheiten so voller Zweifel.


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Re: Bugs in aMule CVS for MS Windows
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2005, 12:52:08 PM »

9) aMule kills itself when a file > 2Gb is being opened ( At least on CVS version 20050917 )


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Re: Bugs in aMule CVS for MS Windows
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2008, 12:51:02 AM »

amule 2.1.3 when I changed the temp and the incoming folder, It never load again and send this error message
It was the folder that I used when I had Neomule, the folder works ok in Ubuntu but in win ddoes not.

fatal error permissions on the aMule temp directory too strict¡
aMule cannont proceed. To fix this, you must set read/write/exec permissions for the folder  "E:/Archivos de programa/eMule++/Temp"
somebody told me that I should use the cvs, but I do not know how, and if it works really
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